LITRAK Assisted Flood Victims in Johor

16 Jan 2007


Some 300 flood victims in Yong Peng, Johor received a surprise visit from LITRAK staff who came with two truckloads of supplies to ease their burden during the recent incident.

LITRAK donated RM15,000 worth of supplies, mainly food and basic necessities to flood victims at Dewan Besar Yong Peng and Masjid Lama Kg Parit Awang, which served as relief centres in the area. In addition, LITRAK staff had also contributed another RM1,500 from their own pockets for the victims.

Twenty LITRAK staff headed for Yong Peng on January 16, and was headed by its Chief Executive Officer, Sazally Saidi.

Sazally said LITRAK felt urge to help the victims in Johor due to the degree of flood that hit the state. ¡°Our country has never experienced this kind of flood before, and therefore, we think it is timely for us to assist them in any possible way,¡± he said after presenting the supplies at Masjid Lama Kg Parit Awang.

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